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Nestled in the heart of Mesa, Arizona, the enchanting Wright House sets the stage for Annie and Greg’s unforgettable wedding celebration. With its charming architecture taking you to a European villa with lush gardens, the Wright House provided the perfect backdrop for their special day. But it was Annie, radiant in her stunning wedding dress, […]

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As the scorching Arizona summer gradually makes way for the pleasant embrace of fall, a distinct magic fills the air. The landscape transforms, taking on warmer tones and a more subdued ambiance, making it an ideal time for capturing moments that reflect comfort, connection, and intimacy. At Kate Grutsky Photography, we’re excited to jump into […]

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In the world of weddings, where a white wedding dress is the norm I had the opportunity to capture a black wedding affair. The black wedding dress may defy traditional norms but I am here for it! The elegance of black as the main color choice took center stage, adorning not just the bride’s gown […]

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